I snatched up domain name WHAK.com a long time ago (back in the 90s). I saw the word WHAK used in an old BatMan series/episodes on TV in the pop-up texts (fighting scene texts; BAM, POW, CRACK, ZAP, BANG, BOOM, etc) and have seen it used in various comic books as a child. Comic books have used the action word WHAK since the 1950s to represent a knockout punch to a bad guy! To me WHAK was a fun domain to acquire as it was a 4 letter domain (great for call sign for broadcasting industry) and it was associated in my mind as an action word to grab your attention! Now a days you cannot simply register a 4 digit dot com, you have to buy them from people like me who hold on to them until they pay off (I have other 4 digit domains, ex: 9lbs.com, 13kg.com, but not as desirable).

My original use was as a live streaming internet radio station (I used ShoutCast) where I played pranks, novelty songs and funny skits. I would sometimes tell my own funny stories or do the odd prank phone call live. I would call out "W H A K... Whack comedy radio!" and then the sound effects of a punch played followed by a sound clip of people cheering (it was fun being a DJ). After a year of not getting more than a couple sponsors, I gave up doing my own shows and offered comedy radio stations with Google Adsense (micro sponsors) ads as alternative just so the domain was still alive.

2010 I changed the homepage (entrance page) with the large WHAK logo (comic book style is what I imagine when I see the capital letters WHAK) as I will be using the domain for my business cards. My card will simply have an actual cut out stencil text saying WHAK.com and nothing else (people are expected to be able to figure out to go to the site and click BIZ CARD link or FUN STUFF). I had put off making a logo for so long, but with help of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (also able to send to plotter/cutter to make stickers/tshirts), I have made a good job of what I wished it was years ago.

Some uses for word Whak:

Some possible acronyms for W.H.A.K.:


Want to buy WHAK.com? I will not sell it cheap as it really is a million dollar domain name if used right! Only serious offers will be considered!

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