Name: Dave Brown
Employment: CEO of Gigahertz Inc.
PayPal Pay:

About Me:

Hi there. My name is Dave. I am self employed (home business). I live in Oswego, New York, USA.

I am a stay at home dad, but this coming school year my son will be going to school full time and I will have time to flaunt my skills to those willing to pay! I will hire out (slave myself) my skills for your gains (I will want some gains too). I do not need the money, but I wouldn't mind having an extra income to pay a mortgage on a nice ocean front condo in Myrtle Beach (NC, USA) or a luxury motor home/camper.

Willing to work for $25/hr. and I am looking for a job/contract that will give me 20 hours or work a week for a few months.

Various Skills:

  • set up networks (LAN, WIFI, WiMAX, satellite, etc)
  • build new custom PCs (even supercomputers for Universities)
  • manage PC hardware & updates
  • fix Windows PC issues (data recovery, virus cleaning, reformat/install)
  • security for home/business (RFID tags, barcode scanners, cameras, infrared/motion sensors, internet accessible, etc)
  • audio/visual setup for home theater
  • control your home with PC and/or over the internet
  • web hosting & servers to host on
  • HTML web page design
  • plotter/cutter layout (vinyl cutting, signs, stencils, crafts, decals, etc)
  • t-shirt printing & silk screening
  • administrator for servers (database, FTP, PBX, video, websites, etc)
  • have hired and fired staff that I had to train in past high level manager jobs.
  • self taught for everything I know and I can learn anything new in a short amount of time.
  • create custom logos (I made the WHAK logo at top)
  • custom graphics with almost any Windows image editors (Corel, Adobe, Gimp)
  • video effects for home videos (burnt to DVD), can be from any source (VHS, BETA, etc)
  • programming Windows software in Visual Basic for custom jobs (sometimes this can be cheaper than a 3rd party program and you can disable/add features to suit needs)
  • script any scriptable language (even if I do not know it, I can learn it quickly)
  • embedded Windows XP device setup
  • interactive webcam programming (detect motion of hand, face movements, eyes)
  • microcontroller programming for electronic circuits and robotics (from USB programmable LED signs to solar charging devices)
  • PC automation, timers or triggers (hot keys or by voice) to automate repeated tasks
  • experience in programming robotics and creating electronic prototypes
  • problem solver and can find alternate routes to get the job done cheaper
  • many years of PC experience and am familiar with many software tools
  • program my own ASP/PHP/VB scripts (links below show a few of my sites)


I am bondable. I have my own corporation and I can be paid through it with an EIN (tax number) for contract work (no need for health care, dental coverage, unions and all that other stuff) or other services rendered. Went to college for Electronics Engineering Technology. I work at home best (saves you office space), I can simply remote into any PC around the world (even if I am on the beach, I have 3G and a laptop). I am obsessed with the little things to make things work easier and that will save time over time.

Contact Information:

Address:  Dave Brown
                  PO Box 5318
                  Oswego, NY

Phone:     1-COWS-TELL-ME

Some Sites Of Mine:

Many of the sites above only have main page with proper graphics and layout. Will have hired help eventually setup include files so all other joining pages will have a default template that matches the homepage of that domain name.

Sites I Abandoned In 2005 (baby):

These sites will be brought back to life once I am able to hire some help. I run over 150 websites and I have only been maintaining the sites that get the most traffic. After having a baby I was not able to do all I used to (wife goes to work, my job is at home).